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Ho Hum

Posted by parsingtime on February 15, 2007

Another wrong movie from blockbuster on-line. They just got a sternly worded email from me. They ruined our valentines day movie watching plans. Other than that Valentines was good. I made a great meal, which is not always the case when I try new recipes. Husband and I also drank an entire bottle of 1998 Dom Perignon. This morning was painful to say the least. We received the bottle as a gift and kept putting off drinking it for a special occasion, as an occasion special enough hasn’t presented itself in the last year we just decided to drink it. It was good.

People have been reaching this blog but googling “dying and night moaning,” “John Mayer’s Parents,” and “lady at the time of labour pain.” I do so love this feature of wordpress. It is also interesting to note that since I started this blog I have gotten on average 8 hits per day and my maximum number of hits was 25. Now since Indiagate I get at least 160 views per day and one day even had 300 views. For some reason it makes me uncomfortable that the NRI blogging population now knows I exist and are watching for me to insult their country.  Hi, NRI bloggers! So glad you could stop by.

In other news, I started cooking classes on Tuesday. I’m taking a four week basic cooking skills class so that I can learn how to pair herbs and spices with various meats/veggies etc. Basically I want to be a better improvisational cook. The class started out with the french chef berating my japanese chefs knife, in front of the whole class. So embarassing. She is also a bit of a cooking nazi (she berated several other people for their inability to cut roasted red peppers and lack of salt in their dish etc — hello we all signed up for the class so could learn not because we are already awesome cooks!). Hopefully next week will better. If I wanted to pay to be abused in the kitchen I would go to the Cordon Bleu.


One Response to “Ho Hum”

  1. homechicken said

    Ha, cooking boot camp. Its good for you. You’ll get angry and that will make you work harder (in theory). If all else fails start a food fight 🙂

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