More Annoyed than Amused

Reviews: Nothing Good.

Posted by parsingtime on February 12, 2007

I’ve been to Legal Seafoods three times now, in three different locations. And quite frankly I’m not that impressed. I mean cajun shrimp, wasabi tuna, <insert name of white fish> with lemon butter sauce. The menu just isn’t that interesting. I will say that it does have excellent chowder and frankly I have not eaten better bread at another restaurant but overall I would say it is good but not super interesting. Nothing special makes it stand out in my mind. There I’ve said it, insulted an institution here in the northeast. Fish foodies, attack!

So husband and I signed up for blockbuster online after canceling Netflix over a year ago. We sat down two nights ago to watch the Motorcycle Diaries, watched the previews and then…the movie was not the Motorcycle Diaries but Who Killed the Electric Car a documentry about GM and the demise of the electric car. It was definitely not what I wanted to watch and given that I’m still a bit jet lagged and sick, I fell asleep.  My point however is Blockbuster is really going to have to do a better job if they want to compete with Netflix. I did like the Superbowl commercial though. Good advertising, bad product.

Also, Magners Cider is sub par compared with Woodchuck.

And a really random aside having to do with nothing else in this post, I was glad the Dixie Chicks won last night and Gnarls Barkley did not look like I was expecting. I thought Idi Amin had risen from the dead and decided he could sing. If you saw him you know what I’m talking about.


10 Responses to “Reviews: Nothing Good.”

  1. J said

    If you haven’t sent it back already, you should really watch Who Killed The Electric Car? It’s a really good film. Depressing, but a very well made documentary. Grab some caffeine and give it another try.

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