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Posted by parsingtime on February 8, 2007

My post on India has gotten over 200 hits today. It is amazing to me that people are so offended with my comments, it was a post about my experience on vacation for petes sake. The comments I have received have been extremely interesting.

I am not saying that the US healthcare system is great or the US social system is perfect. I think about the people who sue at the drop of a hat. I have to, I went to law school, it’s my job to think about lawsuits. I don’t have kids and I’m certainly not getting more money by working in India verses working here. And shame on me, consorting with <GASP> SEAT BELT WEARERS! THE HORROR! 

Most countries in the world believe that buckling seatbelts is a great safety measure that saves lives. Most doctors would also agree that if people washed their hands after going to the bathroom less disease would be spread. You CAN be hygenic even if you wipe “sh*t off your ass” if you wash your hands.  These are not bad things people, and I’m comfortable thinking that these are good qualities.

If all these things had happened in another country…pick a country, any country. If all these things happened in France, I would have made the same comments. I have now acquired the wrath of the blogging readership of LittleIndian and ExpertDabbler.

I’m okay with that. I’d also like to point out that I have never lived in India before. This summer will be my first experience and I’m looking forward to it. But these bloggers calling me a “fu*kr” and posting with a lack interest in grammar or spelling aren’t really helping my view of Indian bloggers (just to make another broad sweeping generalization).


8 Responses to “More…”

  1. VC said

    I am always interested in reading the blogs of people of other cultures who get to experience mine. Cutting to the chase – your posts do have the tone (unintended, though it may be) that, in your opinion, all the not-so-positive traits that you have seen in the people of India (lack of seatbelts, lack of hygiene, rushing to get off the plane etc.) are as a result of choice. These traits, in my opinion, are more a result of economics, convenience, lack of infrastructure and plain-old-upbringing. But that is besides the point.
    It is probably this tone (again, unintended, though it may be), which brought out the worst in some people (all the name calling, ridiculous counter-arguments etc.)
    So, from a purely selfish point of view i.e. me not wanting to see the worst side of fellow Indians brought out, I request you to keep in mind as to how your posts would be perceived.

    P.S. posting with a lack interest in grammar or spelling. Ironic!!! 🙂
    P.P.S. One of the posts had ‘there’ instead of ‘their’.

  2. OM said

    Hey, don’t be too worried about the commentators, from whatever my little experience of blogging, one thing i have realized is NOT to react to personal they say brush off your shoulders…Keep Blogging..after all its your personal blog and YOU can write whatever YOU want to…Peace 🙂

  3. Gaurav said

    Most Indian bloggers are not like the twerps you encountered who are very insecure about our country so can’t take some criticism…. all of which is factually correct mind you… without feeling “offended”. Most of us love our country, but we acknowledge certain things are wrong, as there are things wrong with all countries. And believe it or not, most Indian bloggers know that you may not agree with someone, but you have to respect their right to an independent opinion even if it is wrong.

    I saw nothing “insulting” or “offensive” in your post. Those guys are shallow trolls whom you would do well to ignore.

    By the way, have you seen this post –
    I think you will like it.

    And yes, enjoy your time in India. Bombay is my love. 🙂

  4. Wife said

    Hi there you horrible person,

    I am a gringa or honky or whatever Indian people call white girls. I have been to India (Chennai) and I would have to agree wholeheartedly with your posts. It smells like a toilet. Driving is scary. People wipe their asses with their hands. These things are all true and they make India a wee bit scary for Westerners. It’s also a beautiful country and I would love to go back.

    In India, as well as just about every other “poor” country I’ve been to, I did not leave feeling superior. Well, maybe about the ass-wiping thing. But in general I’ve found that people in other countries often do not have as much stuff as Americans but most seem to have a better grasp of what really matters. I know you are smarter than to imply that America is “better” than India, not just because it’s politically incorrect but also because it’s not necessarily true.

    So, in summation, fu*k ’em.

  5. Car said


    I have exactly the same sentiments you have towards my own race (be in asian, chinese, whatever) but those that take offense to a personal opinion need to learn about the art of “opinions”. gosh they’re not really helping with the image huh.

    ditto above comment, just f*k em…

  6. shakester said

    whatever the merits or otherwise of your original post ( i dont think it was offensive), ignore narrow minded and stupidly ‘patriotic’ bloggers. would be a great service to us, and you.

    enjoy india!

  7. Puneet.S said

    Hi, this may seem a trifle late, and I hope that you may read this…
    You seem to have created quite a little storm in the proverbial teacup, with your posts about India. If I were you, I’d be extremely pleased with myself for having ticked off so many people. Someone before me correctly analyzed the problem to lie within the ‘tone’ of the post’s content, so I shall not harp upon that, but I would like to talk to you about What India is like for someone like you, from the U.S, or for that matter, any western civilization. I gather from your writings that you are considering a move to India, And I wish the best of luck with this endeavour. I would however, like to leave you with the following suggestion-
    Unlearn everything you have learnt about life in The United States of America; and begin anew from day one in India. Try not to compare the process of life in both countries with each other, for both nations tackle the barriers of existence in different ways. An Empirical comparison will yield results that will lead to nothing but disappointment and frustration. Instead, Focus on learning or discovering why things are the way they are. Let go of yourself, let go of the things that you depend on to make your life easy in the U.S, for you may soon discover that those things do not apply in India. You will find another facet to your personality, one that you never knew to exist, when you truly immerse yourself.

  8. Nita said

    I write about India a lot too and criticize her a lot but I have never recieved the kind of comments you did. I think that it was your tone which put people off. It was a kind of ridicule. As if you don’t belong. For example, there is nothing wrong if one does not speak good English. I have good friends who do not speak good English. Thats not our language. Indians speak better English than the Chinese and the Russians in any case…
    Actually it is possible to ridicule people of any country…you should hear the jokes we make about Americans and the English here! And I am sure they make similar jokes about us, as one of your commentators above has revealed. we make even more disgusting jokes! All in fun. We all know that they have their good points and we have our good points. Everyone thinks in their heart that they are superior. Thats natural.
    I have an interesting post on my blog about multi-cultural India and if you read that you will realise how wonderful our country is.

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