More Annoyed than Amused

Hat Hair

Posted by parsingtime on February 7, 2007

Reason #2 why living in the cold weather climes is not good: Imagine freshly washed and dried hair.  And it looks good. A good hair day, it comes around infrequently but can improve your mood substantially. The imagine going out to run errands, only to return with hat head….flat smooshed hair, with no life or body.

Also, reason #2 why blogging can suck? Some random person on the Internet has a vendetta against me and wrote an entire entry on why I’m a bad blogger and against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All because I criticized (in his mind, though in mine I was being honest about my experience) India. I won’t link to it as that would make me like him but wow, who knew I was so special. The keyboard really is mightier than the sword.


One Response to “Hat Hair”

  1. Emilia said

    I went to his site after I read his comment… does he spend all day searching for blog posts with “India” in them? I did extensive work studying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights when I was in college, and I’m confused as to its application here. Don’t give him another thought, chica! I considered leaving a comment for him, but decided that is exactly what he wanted.

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