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India Part II

Posted by parsingtime on February 4, 2007

So while I was in India I made my first visit to Mumbai. I have previously been to Delhi and the two cities could not be more different. Two things struck me about Mumbai. First, no livestock in the street. Perhaps it was the area I was staying but Mumbai struck me as a completely cosmopolitan city. Granted, it is not without its share of poverty and problems, but overall it is really quite nice. It definitely has less of a historical feel to it than Delhi. Second, the amount of billboards advertising mutual funds, interest rates on bank accounts, life insurance policies and the like was amazing. Other than billboards with Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan hawking some product or another I saw very few other kinds of billboards.

I know the Indian stock market is doing well and there is a lot of speculation and growth going on, which may explain all the ads.  While I was in India the big news was Tata’s acquisition of Corus, that alone is an amazing feat, allowing Tata to have a huge international presence. India is definitely growing. It should be interesting to be there this summer.

As for this summer, Husband and I will be there for eight weeks. I’m in the process of finding a summer position there. I will have to continue my current work load (evenings and weekends I suppose) but if Husband is going to consider a short term (3-5 year) move to India I am going to have something to do there as well. Also, we will be in India at the height of monsoon season so if we have a good time given that situation it is probably a good bet we might enjoy it for a few years.

We shall have to see. It’s a big move. I’m nervous but I think it will be a good experience regardless of the final outcome.


2 Responses to “India Part II”

  1. Gaurav said

    Where will you be in the monsoons? If it is Bombay, then you’re in for a bitter-sweet experience. It rains HEAVILY in Bombay and the drainage is screwed up.

  2. Nita said

    I live in Mumbai. Keep in touch. I can give you a few tips on how to surive Mumbai.

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