More Annoyed than Amused

State of Union

Posted by parsingtime on January 23, 2007

I agreed with two things Bush said tonight.

  1. We need to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS, especially in Africa
  2. Pursuing the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state

One Response to “State of Union”

  1. Hi.

    A Palestinian state is an impossibility.

    Islamic doctrine, including the words of Mohammed himself, preclude returning once held Muslim lands to unbelievers. Ever. Never.
    Blame the Israeli’s all you want. But that’s a case of misplaced anger.

    The Iranian president doesn’t just casually mention wiping Israel off the map..It’s a matter of universally held Islamic teaching.

    It sounds nice to wish for peace in Palestine, but find another cause, trust me.

    AIDS sucks. Good for you.

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