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State of Union

Posted by parsingtime on January 23, 2007

I agreed with two things Bush said tonight.

  1. We need to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS, especially in Africa
  2. Pursuing the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state

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Protected: Dorm-Like Living

Posted by parsingtime on January 21, 2007

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Go Dems!

Posted by parsingtime on January 21, 2007

How completely awesome is it that the three people exploring a Democratic presidential nomination are minorities? A woman, a black man and a hispanic (who gave his speech in english and spanish).

It’s about damn time as far as I’m concerned and quite frankly we are winning in ’08.

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Posted by parsingtime on January 21, 2007

Today I was almost run over (a mini cooper came about six inches from mowing me down, even though I was on the cross walk with the right to cross), then I slammed my finger into a door, walked up five flights of stairs with groceries and a throbbing finger, walked into my apartment and fainted. Oh, and I also walked two miles in 6 degree weather.

I am now going to lay on the couch for the rest of the day because if things could get worse, today would be the day.

Also, that freaking cold weather? It is making me feel like a prisoner in my own home. It is too cold to go anywhere and even if you could drive somewhere there would either be no parking (so you would end up walking 2 miles in the cold weather) or you would have to pay $20 bucks for parking.

I’m definitely feeling blah…and my finger hurts.

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Clothes Call

Posted by parsingtime on January 18, 2007

Front page of the NY Times, an article about Nancy Pelosi’s style and fashion sense. Yes, seriously.

I wonder if Margaret Thatcher and Indira Gandhi had to deal with this. I remember when Hilary Clinton was lambasted for her style and when Katie Couric wore white after labor day on her first day of work…well, it was scandal!

I don’t deny that I read the articles about political/celebrity fashion so clearly there is a market for it.  I just wish someone had written an article about Tom Brokaw and how freaking ugly his two toned shirts were.

Solid Cotton Pinpoint Oxford White Collar and White French Cuff Dress Shirt

That right there is heinous, hideous and generally ugly.

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Reason #19 Static electricity

Posted by parsingtime on January 18, 2007

Why living in the frigid northeast is bad:

Husband comes home from a hard day at school and gives me a kiss and what follows is electrical….in a non-magical, “I don’t see fireworks”  kind of way. The static electricity causes those little static shocks that make you dread the “honey I’m home” kiss. 

I am the person who in the winter won’t open doors for fear of shocking myself….this does not bode well for Husband.

                               static shock

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Boston News and random stuff

Posted by parsingtime on January 17, 2007

One the 10 O’Clock news tonight one of the breaking stories was regarding a hockey game between two rival high schools. The crowd got rowdy and started throwing gold balls, other various debris and a squid on to the rink. That’s right A SQUID.

Who thinks, “hey we are playing our arch enemy rivals in hockey today, I’m going to pick up some seafood and chuck it at the opposing team?”  It is just bizarre.

In other news it is now officially freaking cold here. The temperature is in the teens and actually feels like -9 or something ridiculous like that. I’m not a fan.

We are (obviously) back in Boston. I’ve been gone for six weeks, which is just way too long to be away from home. Three weeks of work and then three weeks of Christmas vacation caused the long absence. We had a really nice time visiting our families and spending some sun soaked days in the Bahamas, so I can’t complain too much.

And so another semester starts for Husband….and work for me. I’ve decided I need to put more effort into my business and seek out more work. Hank Reardan has inspired me to be successful. Of course, I probably won’t create indestructible metal but perhaps I can make my work more interesting and satisfying for me.

I’ve also applied for a general job on a campaign that I’m not sure I believe in. I’m sure nothing will come of the application, but I really would like presidential campaign experience and therefore, I will swallow my democratic leaning ways and swing republican for the experience. We shall see. Of course, this paragraph and the last paragraph seem at odds with each other, but I figured it doesn’t hurt to apply.

In other news Random Banker got me a Real Simple Cookbook and I love it. It is fast becoming my most used source for recipes. Husband even said last night that he should take a picture of dinner because it looked so good. So yay for Real Simple. And speaking of cooking, I’m taking some cooking classes starting at the end of January. I’m quite excited. I’m taking a Thai class, where they will hopefully teach me how to make Thai iced tea (my lastest drinking obsession, which come to think of it, I should ask C re thai food) and a “learn the basics” class as well (where you learn what spices/herbs go with various meats and veggies).

Alright kids that’s all for now. Stay warm.

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Protected: Family

Posted by parsingtime on January 7, 2007

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