More Annoyed than Amused

First I was Afraid

Posted by parsingtime on November 8, 2006

My next door neighbor has played Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive  six times in a row. Repeat number seven is currently going.

Someone just broke up with their boyfriend and needs some affirmation music I’m thinking.

In other news, in is November and still no snow. I am supremely impressed by this as I was expecting hideous weather by this point. So one point for Boston (don’t worry Texas is still winning the state race by 29).

Also, yea for the elections. My new Governor is Deval Patrick. Woo. I honestly think his opponent lost because she ran absolutely awful negative ads (outright saying he liked rapists and weird stuff like that) and he didn’t run any.

And here goes repeat no. 8.


One Response to “First I was Afraid”

  1. Carol said

    its so weird because the morning that I read your post, I went to school and my friend was singing that song over and over throughout the day because of her boy troubles. EVILNESS!

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