More Annoyed than Amused

Ughs…uh, Uggs

Posted by parsingtime on October 15, 2006

I’m considering buying uggs. UGGS. The shoe of Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson. Boston has done this to me.  They are ridiculously expensive but are supposed to be super warm and you can tuck your jeans in them when it is wet and snowy outside. I don’t want the kind that Britney et al wear but they are still uggs.

That up there is me justifying Uggs to you the public.


3 Responses to “Ughs…uh, Uggs”

  1. Emilia said

    Surely there is another choice?

  2. Carol said

    stupid weather makes ppl do stupid things. I went and looked at all the possible snow shoes to buy and to my dismay, they were all UGGs. And I echo your sentiments. BLAH!
    So I went and got BearPaw boots. They are tricky because they’re just like UGGs but half the price and same amount of comfort. Stay warm up there!!

  3. J said

    Please read entry on Uggs in I think they’re just allowable in Boston.

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