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Just call me Zagats

Posted by parsingtime on September 24, 2006

Sugar and Spice: Thai food place off of Mass Ave, right next to my new grocery store. Very good, not Toy’s good, but better than the Thai we have had in the Square. The food was piping hot, very tasty and quite reasonable. Husband and I ate for $24.00 with tip and we got another meal out of it from leftovers.  The only draw back I would say is that you have to pay extra for rice. RICE! The cheapest grain there is. Eh, it was still good.

Red Sky: We also hit up RedSky this weekend for a birthday. Food was just okay. I ate off the tapas menu (coconut shrimp with a sweet chili sauce and chorizo grilled cheese, which I thought would be like cheese panelas) and Husband had the cajun chicken pasta. It is the type of place that turns into a trendy bar at night, so I suppose you can’t expect too much from the food.  What was really amazing about the night is between the cab fare, dinner, entrance into a club, a drink for Husband and cab fare back to our apartment we spent over $100 in one night. Eek is all I have to say to that.  Especially given that I did not eat a tremendously wonderful meal or have dessert. 😦  

Border Cafe: Oh,and one more restaurant review. I went to Border Cafe with some other girls. It is a Mexican restaurant or at least it pretends to be. My cheese enchilada and chicken taco came with jambalaya. Another girl’s meal came with white rice, white rice (and or jambalaya) at a mexican place! Scandal. Over all, being from Texas and everything a very bad mexican food experience.

Libby’s Ice Cream: While not the best ice cream I’ve ever had, it definitely was good and the portion size is ginormous. Seriously I got a small cone and it was literally two huge scoops of ice cream. I had chocolate orgy and Husband had mint chocolate chip. Both were good and really, size does matter!


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