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Hello Crazy and Burned Plastic

Posted by parsingtime on September 26, 2006

Edit: While writing this post, I paused to make dinner. A dinner whose recipe was on the internet. I BURNED MY COMPUTER ON THE STOVE. B U R N E D. As in plastic smoking fire, NEAR THE BATTERY. Husband tells me (when we argue, which is not often and we have had a great relationship, before I BURNED MY COMPUTER) that I’m careless.  And this clearly proves that it is true, I’m a careless person. I always do stupid things. Always. And I have a lifetime of stupidness ahead of me….Husband* is going to leave me and I will end up old, haggard, making careless mistakes, without a real job and with bad finances and Random Banker will have to take me in and people will think we are lesbian lovers and that she could do much better than haggard careless girl and I’ll to move out on the street, alone forever.**  
End Edit.

I am a complete freak. I still am not working (though I’m booked in a ridiculously expensive boutique hotel for my work trip to San Francisco next week, so I am not out of work FOREVER, just this long and interminable week. And no, I don’t know why I like to write in parentheses, perhaps because it allows me to get away with the run on sentences), and after two days of the Wisteria lane house wife life (you know, except without a surrogate, comatose boyfriend or husband who kills his wife (oh and parentheses within parentheses, I can totally do that, because I am insanse)) I am going crazy.  I’m so not made to do nothing. I even tried to sign up for some classes at the extension school and all the classes I wanted were already booked up. Foiled from busy-ness (is busyness a word, I don’t think it is business because that is a completely different word) again.  Heh, more parentheses!

The gym: eh
Making dinner: blah
Browsing Linens ‘n Things and Pier 1 for chair pads (FOR THE PLASTIC COVERED IKEA CHAIRS THAT ARE SO UGLY THEY HURT MY EYES): boring
Cleaning our apartment: so over that

Anyway, today I had two brilliant thoughts.  One, I’m going to do research at the school library to find dirt on a certain company. This of course in my pea sized brain will turn into a national expose, all law firms will want to hire me and they will buy my research and give me 1% of all money they save from the plaintiffs suing the company in my expose instead of them which will be a billions of dollars and that would make me a 1% billionaire. My second thought, is that I’m going to make a brochure to send out to various companies advertising my business.

Unfortunately, I’m more likely to do research that I’m not being paid for rather than make a brochure that could grow my work. I’m not really the creative type so making a brochure is kind of traumatic. I can’t even decide on my business card design.

Basically, I’m going crazy. I need work. I love working.  I’m not good at the housewife thing. SOMEONE SEND ME WORK.

*I should point out that Husband has stated multiple times that he doesn’t hate me and he isn’t mad. He even risked battery acid burn to help me transfer files and make it so I could use the burned computer. He is a good husband. I’m a bad wife. On. Multiple. Levels.

** Yes, I am overly dramatic. I always have been. It probably is a function of the careless stupidness.


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Posted by parsingtime on September 24, 2006

So I’m a bit stressed. I met a pretty big deadline for work on Thursday and didn’t have much work on Friday to do.  I also have nothing to start on tomorrow as far as I know. I’m not sure how to get more work (this current project is busy, but there is a pause right now waiting for more information from another law firm, hence the lack of work). So I’m wondering what to do? 

I need to work and feel like maybe I should get a part time position or something until the work is more steady. I don’t know. Husband thinks it’s crazy talk, but I do stress about the fact that I work from home at the mercy of clients and we are paying a sh*tload for this school and more importantly all its activities. Granted we are in a much better position than say, married couples who are both in school or someone with kids, but I would still like to contribute and make similar money as I was making before.

I guess for me it boils down to one thing, which is really more about me than the money.  I feel like if I am able to make equivalent money doing this (as opposed to being at a law firm) then it is validation that I’m not completely off my rocker for doing this whole work from home thing, instead of getting a real job. I don’t know, it feels like a bit of a cop out not to try to take the bar here and do something to further my career.  And at the same time, I really like the flexibility, so that if I want to go see the Defense Minister of India speak or go to dessert tasting with the partners club, or go to noon yoga I can.

Eh, when does life get easier? I always thought when I was done with the whole hormonal high school days and then college that things would slow down and make sense. Instead, things just get more complicated. Though, not in a bad way, just unexpected.

Ah well, we have been here a month today and it is starting to feel more like home (though we aren’t quite there yet) so I suppose that is progress, if nothing else. We spent the afternoon eating ice cream while sitting by the Charles, watching the ducks and sleeping in the sun. Husband and I are taking advantage of every warm day we have.

Things to look forward to this week (even if I don’t have work): The founder of Finale  is coming to speak at school and there is dessert after the talk.  Also, Random Banker may be making an appearance in my new city at the end of the week.

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Just call me Zagats

Posted by parsingtime on September 24, 2006

Sugar and Spice: Thai food place off of Mass Ave, right next to my new grocery store. Very good, not Toy’s good, but better than the Thai we have had in the Square. The food was piping hot, very tasty and quite reasonable. Husband and I ate for $24.00 with tip and we got another meal out of it from leftovers.  The only draw back I would say is that you have to pay extra for rice. RICE! The cheapest grain there is. Eh, it was still good.

Red Sky: We also hit up RedSky this weekend for a birthday. Food was just okay. I ate off the tapas menu (coconut shrimp with a sweet chili sauce and chorizo grilled cheese, which I thought would be like cheese panelas) and Husband had the cajun chicken pasta. It is the type of place that turns into a trendy bar at night, so I suppose you can’t expect too much from the food.  What was really amazing about the night is between the cab fare, dinner, entrance into a club, a drink for Husband and cab fare back to our apartment we spent over $100 in one night. Eek is all I have to say to that.  Especially given that I did not eat a tremendously wonderful meal or have dessert. 😦  

Border Cafe: Oh,and one more restaurant review. I went to Border Cafe with some other girls. It is a Mexican restaurant or at least it pretends to be. My cheese enchilada and chicken taco came with jambalaya. Another girl’s meal came with white rice, white rice (and or jambalaya) at a mexican place! Scandal. Over all, being from Texas and everything a very bad mexican food experience.

Libby’s Ice Cream: While not the best ice cream I’ve ever had, it definitely was good and the portion size is ginormous. Seriously I got a small cone and it was literally two huge scoops of ice cream. I had chocolate orgy and Husband had mint chocolate chip. Both were good and really, size does matter!

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More bad smells.

Posted by parsingtime on September 19, 2006

Someone in our building has cooked something that has a very STRONG odor and it has permeated the building and my apartment.  It doesn’t smell good. I have a cold and a stuffy nose and I can still smell the ickiness.

Reason #17 why living in dorm like quarters is not a good thing.

Reason #1 are the paper thin walls. In case you were wondering.

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Bad things about working at home

Posted by parsingtime on September 18, 2006

  1. Hello, Ben and Jerry’s in the freezer that your husband opened during lunch. You would never have dreamed of having a few bites if the plastic seal hadn’t been broken. The plastic seal is what was keeping you an ice-cream abiding citizen and not randomly eating it during the day. The SEAL is gone people. Hence there might have been a little bit of ice cream eating during the day. In my defense it is 80 degrees here and sweltering (but that’s not complaining, I will take the smell of sweat over nasty snow any day). Ahem, back to the list
  2. Sitting on the couch, all propped up and looking like a lady of leisure with your feet up and a pillow behind your back (but really you’re been reading a hideously boring deposition so the aforementioned ice cream doesn’t taste as good as say when you are watching the Gilmore Girls.). I swear the Ikea chairs were starting to kill my ass, even with the two pillows shielding my poor tushie from the plastic coated ply wood. This is one of those situations when a big nicely padded grandma ass comes in handy.
  3. Husband: Hey lets take a nap. I’m done with school.
    Me: This is the middle of my work day, I can’t nap. Be gone with your bad influencing self.
    Husband: Come on, just 20 minutes.
    Me: Huh, well now that I think of it, I didn’t sleep well last night. Okay, 20 minutes.
    One hour later…I realize holy crap, it’s one hour later and really self, when do you ever sleep well at night?

I have yet to succumb to the television but I’m guessing that’s only because daytime TV does not have a lot to offer. Also, in my defense I get distracted by things like cleaning and laundry, not just ice cream and naps.

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80 Degrees

Posted by parsingtime on September 17, 2006

Holy Crap people it is 80 degrees here today. I actually sweated while walking into town.  I love it, if only it could stay like this forever…80 during the day 60 at night. Four days of 80 degree weather are predicted.

I’m going to enjoy them to the fullest, as I’m pretty sure these will be the last hot days for the next six months.

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Protected: Take away that wife of the year award

Posted by parsingtime on September 16, 2006

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Posted by parsingtime on September 13, 2006

It’s nice to have friends you can call whenever, even if they are doing something important, and they still want to talk to you and find out how you are doing.

And they change work schedules to be in town when you are flying home and they only thing I have to do in return? Listen to internal organ stories. 🙂

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Stop All The Presses

Posted by parsingtime on September 12, 2006

As he watches me wash up the dinner dishes

You know what we should do first when we can afford it?
I glance over my shoulder, inquiring look on my face.
We should hire a maid. That doesn’t look like fun.

This explains why husband likes to rinse the two dinner plates and no pots. Because dish washing is not fun.

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Boston: Day 20

Posted by parsingtime on September 12, 2006

Twenty days. It has been less than a month since I left Texas and it feels like an eon. Husband thinks it feels like two eons at least. A lot has happened in a short amount of time so I suppose it makes sense.

My impression so far of the city: dry cleaning is freaking expensive, they don’t sell the type of bread I like, grocery stores are just okay, things are more expensive than Texas in general. I could go on but it will sound whiny. I have come to realize that you can’t just hop in your car and grab some dessert and be home within 15 minutes. It’s easy to get lost (and I frequently do, given that you can’t go home the same why you got to most places). Everything is a inconvenient. I drove for 15 minutes just to find a dry cleaners today (one that charged $4.25 to dry clean a shirt).

Husband and I can’t just go grab hot chocolate (oh yeah, it was in the forties last night and we froze to death). Getting hot chocolate involves a 15 minute walk across a super windy bridge with temperatures in the 50s and wind shields making it feel like upper 40s. And seriously once you contemplate the walk there and back for a little cup of chocolate, it hardly seems worth it. I suppose in a way Boston is saving me money, but these small things (like getting hot chocolate) were things we would do in Texas…it would get us out of the apartment for 20-30 minutes and was a nice way to get a few minutes to talk and break up the day.

I guess what I’m getting at is that things are different here and I miss the convenience of Texas.  It is also weird to live in a complex of 1000 people and know at least half of them. But that’s a whole other story.

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