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It was all Yellow

Posted by parsingtime on August 31, 2006

I’m in Toledo. Driving this:

A chevy cobalt coupe. A YELLOW chevy cobalt coupe. It looks somewhat decent in this photo, but it isn’t. It is so low to the ground and there is a spoiler…so I can’t see over the steering wheel (because I’m short and the seat does not go higher) or out my rear view mirrrow because of the damn spoiler. Plus the side view mirrors are at a weird angle due to the shape of the car and you can’t really see out of those either. Overall: crappy car. Do not buy.

Not that you were going to buy American in the first place.

Toledo…is okay. Nothing special. I’m here for work and get my first project tomorrow. I’m nervous, but hopefully all will go well. I will keep you posted.

Oh, and I’ve been to Legal Seafoods in Baltimore and it was great!


One Response to “It was all Yellow”

  1. Anthony said

    I’ve been to the L.Seafoods in Boston. Indeed, tres tasty. And isn’t there something contradictory about a yellow cobalt? Isn’t that like pea green?

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