More Annoyed than Amused

You can dance, you can jive

Posted by parsingtime on August 8, 2006

I married a really smart guy. He also likes to do crazy things like dance in his boxers in a manner that makes me laugh so hard, my stomach hurts when I finally do stop (I wonder if those kind of laughs are kind of like doing crunches? If so bring on the belly laughs). Anyway, last week Husband decided to show me his moves before I left for work (the work I no longer work for, I am unemployed).

I open the door to leave and he is dancing (to Gnarls Barkley’s Crraaazzzy) and our neighbor across the way is opening her door, post dog walking. She turns and sees Husband (mid crazy dance moves). He freezes, she gives a slightly horrified look and Husband dashes off away from the doorway. Our neighbor is probably in her late 50s has two poofy yippy white dogs and probably hasn’t seen a man in his boxers in 12 years.

This might actually be the first time Husband has been embarrassed by something he has done. Clearly it was a red letter day, because seriously how often do you get to see an Indian man dancing in his lime green boxers with sheep all over?


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