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It was all Yellow

Posted by parsingtime on August 31, 2006

I’m in Toledo. Driving this:

A chevy cobalt coupe. A YELLOW chevy cobalt coupe. It looks somewhat decent in this photo, but it isn’t. It is so low to the ground and there is a spoiler…so I can’t see over the steering wheel (because I’m short and the seat does not go higher) or out my rear view mirrrow because of the damn spoiler. Plus the side view mirrors are at a weird angle due to the shape of the car and you can’t really see out of those either. Overall: crappy car. Do not buy.

Not that you were going to buy American in the first place.

Toledo…is okay. Nothing special. I’m here for work and get my first project tomorrow. I’m nervous, but hopefully all will go well. I will keep you posted.

Oh, and I’ve been to Legal Seafoods in Baltimore and it was great!


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Food in Cambridge

Posted by parsingtime on August 31, 2006

We have been working our way through Cambridge this week with all the other folks who are new to the area.

Hellers Ice Cream – TERRIBLE ice cream. Do. Not. Go. We tried a simple vanilla and hot fudge. The fudge dried on the ice cream, kind of like that pour and freeze stuff from childhood and it tasted kind of burnt. Not a fan. So the search continues for good ice cream in Boston

Cafe of India – Great Indian food. Husband and I were both happy with our meal. We had the chicken tikka masala and palak paneer. We did take out and got naan, paratha and samosas. We also received for free papad and several chutneys. The food was excellent, though pricey. However, we ate leftovers the next night so it prorated everything. Overall, big portions and great food.

Fire and Ice – A Mongolian stir fry type place, where you pick your veggies, meat and sauces and the chef cooks it on a hot over sized bowl. It was good, not great and all you can eat for $15.95. It’s the type of place you would take Tiembo on a dare just to be amazed by the amount of food he can eat (yes, I still remember you eating all those hot dogs in the SF airport!!).

Unos – Pizza. Not bad, not great. They specialize in deep dish and are based in Chicago. Contradiction would like this place because on Sunday they have bar trivia.

Overall I’ve been a little disappointed with the food options, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been to the right places. Also, a lot of these places were picked out for us by the school as part of orientation activities. So we shall see what turns up when the Husband and I explore on our own.

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Dark Side

Posted by parsingtime on August 30, 2006

The dark side has taken over my body, and it only took 6 days. 

Today as Husband came out wearing a new long-sleeved shirt that I had bought him, I said, “You may want to wear short sleeves, it is going to be warm today. High of 73”.

WTF is wrong with me?

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Posted by parsingtime on August 28, 2006

So they (they being the apartment people) totally told me there were laundry facilities in the basement of our building. There aren’t. I have to walk across a courtyard to another building to do laundry. I’m bitter about this and expect the bitterness to increase when the temperature gets colder.

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Posted by parsingtime on August 27, 2006

I wanted to title this post Freaking Cold, but I realized I will need that title in a few months. It is 57 degrees here and Husband and I debating whether to go out to dinner or not (it is our anniversary) and I have already turned on my space heater.

We had been keeping the windows open to keep our apartment cool and ventilated. That has stopped and the heater is out. I seriously can’t believe I’m wearing jeans, socks and shoes, long sleeves and a sweater in August.  A-U-G-U-S-T, people, August, a time of year when normal people are sweating and wearing flip flops.


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First Year: Paper

Posted by parsingtime on August 27, 2006

Happy First Anniversary Husband!

It has been a whirlwind year. I graduated law school, took the bar, got married, honeymoon, second wedding reception, Husband studied for and took the GMAT, then applied to MBA school, went to India, reception in India, Husband got in to MBA school….and then we started preparing for the move, quit our jobs and moved cross country.

We both looked at each other yesterday while unpacking clothes and Husband asked if I had gotten him anything for our anniversary and I said no, not even a card. He said he hadn’t either. We are going to Ikea today and then are going to start exploring our new neighborhood and then to dinner….nothing fancy, but it works for us. Year one has brought a ton of changes I’m interested in seeing what the next year will bring.

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Boston: Day Two

Posted by parsingtime on August 25, 2006

So we made it. We drove over 2000 miles from Texas to Boston. The whole drive was great until we reached the northeast, where the one fingered salute and cars cutting you off left and right are the norm. Tolls are also a norm. It is so bizarre, almost every road from Washington DC to Boston has a toll on it, the weirdest thing though is that these are all public interstates. Public, as in free everywhere else in the country. We spent over $40 dollars in tolls. Very crazy.

Anyway, we are here in our new cozy apartment. It is small though not as bad as I was expecting. Interestingly, if you want to open our dishwasher door all the way you have to open the fridge door as well. Like I said, cozy. We have unpacked the majority of our boxes and it’s starting to feel like home, though I’m not sure I’m ever going to get used to the stairs. We have four and a half flights of stairs to climb and I’m always good up to floor three. At that point, I always think, “seriously? Another set of stairs?”  We are unpacked enough to the point that I’m looking at my Jeffie art and wondering which wall it would look best on, so we are definitely almost there.

Husband walked into the apartment and had a bit of a freak out. He couldn’t really believe we had to live here.  The apartment is nice, but not “pretty” so to speak. The carpet is nice, but the baseboards are gray plastic and there are no lights, literally. We have a light in the bathroom and the kitchen and no others. Lamps were purchased today.

The weather is very cool. I wore a zip up hoodie and long sleeves today, but on the upside our windows are open and we have fresh air keeping the apartment a nice temperature. Everything has a positive spin, one just has to find it. Of course, today in Shaw’s (our local grocery store; note to Random Banker, it is a nice store, one I can definitely live with), I couldn’t find honey wheat bread and I almost started crying. I didn’t recognize any of the brands and my options were crazy weird breads with cranberries and oatmeal in them, white or super dark wheat. Funny, how you miss home at the weirdest times.

Boston, it doesn’t feel like home yet, but I’m sure it will in time.

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Sweet Home Alabama

Posted by parsingtime on August 20, 2006

So today Husband and I drove from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Chattanooga, Tennessee.  While driving we saw this:

This group believes that if billboards can be used to advertise alcohol and pornography, then God can use billboards to declare his truth. Awesome.

What is really ironic about the whole thing is that while driving by this sign Husband and I were listening to A Short History of Nearly Everything, which includes a lovely section on the origins of the universe and evolution. Off to Washington D.C. tomorrow.

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Holy Crap I’m going to Die

Posted by parsingtime on August 12, 2006

Boston shows lows in the 50s three out of five days next week. FIFTIES. Which is a full fifty degrees colder than it is here in Texas. It is AUGUST people. Fifty is what happens in November, not AUGUST.

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Posted by parsingtime on August 8, 2006

So tonight I had my last Dallas dinner with Best Friend.  She may or may not want to remain anonymous, so she needs a pseudonym.  We shall call her Random Banker.  Random Banker and I had dinner tonight…at Toy’s, which was very excellent this time around, sticking with the level one spiciness factor.  I got the panang curry vegetables again because I needed to figure out if I really liked them.  Last time the spice was burning a hole in my stomach, this time it was pure Thai food enjoyment.  RB got the shrimp and eggplant, which was also very good. Toy also did a great job in food presentation. For a little hole in the wall, it really is very good in all areas except restaurant locale and decor.

Anyway, I’ve known Random for ten years this month. We met at Band Camp. Okay, take your mind out of the American Pie gutter. We weren’t actually supposed to meet. See our band director told me that a new flute player had started and we should go be nice to her. One was a crazy slutty girl and the other was Random.  We accidently picked Randomy instead of slutty, who was the girl our band director wanted us to be nice to.  Back then Random wasn’t a banker nor did she ever imagine being a banker, or wearing eye shadow or eating beans, but in the last ten years she has changed a great deal. We bonded over the Animaniacs and she fast became part of our little group of friends and here we are ten years later.

Random and I roomed together in college, she listens to my crazy dream stories, buys me pastries from Italy, will compare Dallas bikini waxers with me, doesn’t judge me when I gossip, pretends to be my lesbian lover and generally listens to the majority of the details of my life (even the gross/boring ones). I moved around a lot as a kid and have always had friends but Random is the first friend I know for sure will know me at sixty as well as she does now. My mom always says if you have five good friends whom you can count on for anything in your lifetime then you are lucky. I’m lucky…Random is like two of those really good friends all wrapped up in one dessert loving banker package. We had just started living in the same city after a four year hiatus, and now I’m moving again 1500 miles away, which is really going to cramp our dessert night and grocery store outings.

Ah, and I almost forgot, Random introduced me to husband (see Husband, I love you as much as Random! Even though you are a pack-rat. If you didn’t read Business 2.0 and GQ for the past two years Husband, what makes you think you will read them in B-school? Hmm?). See you all wish Random was your BFF, she introduces you to marital quality men and brings dessert from foreign lands.

This is us in 2001 (I think), and is a completely candid shot. I can’t even remember what made us do this.


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