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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Posted by parsingtime on July 25, 2006

So the husband and I along with two friends went to Toy’s Thai yesterday. It’s a little hole in the wall place with the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant.  Not much for decor or ambiance but really good Thai food.  I definitely recommend it. However, a word to the wise (though why the wise need a word to begin with is a mystery to me), when picking how hot you want your dish….one being the least spicy and five being the most spicy, pick one. I picked two. Big mistake.  I could barely eat my panang curry vegetables. It was definitely tasty, but even I, the girl who puts Tabasco and Chinese red pepper sauce on everything, could not handle Toy’s levels of spiciness.

Anyway, overall a nice evening. It was great to see M&E. They are a fun couple, who are fun to be around.


One Response to “Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot”

  1. […] So tonight I had my last Dallas dinner with Best Friend. She may or may not want to remain anonymous, so she needs a pseudonym. We shall call her Random Banker, Random for short. Anyway, Random Banker and I had dinner tonight…at Toy’s, which was very excellent this time around, sticking with the level one spiciness factor.  I got the panang curry vegetables again because I needed to figure out if I really liked them. Last time the spice was burning a hole in my stomach, this time it was pure Thai food enjoyment. RB got the shrimp and eggplant, which was also very good. Toy also did a great job in food presentation. For a little hole in the wall, it really is very good in all areas except restaurant locale and decor. […]

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