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Things I will miss about my job

Posted by parsingtime on July 31, 2006

As you many of you know, I work at an awesome law firm right now. I work with a lot of really intelligent and smart people and they pay me way more than I could possibly be worth. Overall it has been a great experience, but with the impending move to Bean-town fast approaching the time to leave has come. And so I leave you with the things I will most about my job.

  1. Wearing jeans to work and still getting a huge pay check to sit in an office and write and research most of the day
  2. Vendors bringing food even when I don’t use their services
  3. Listening to Daphne and Claire’s stories about their kids. It is the strongest form of birth control out there
  4. Have a blackberry. However, only because I made it to level 19 of 36 of brickbreaker and now I will never be able to win brickbreaker.
  5. Awesome co-workers who bring back chocolates from European countries…awesome co-workers in general
  6. Gossip. There is no gossip when works for oneself. I love hearing the random gossip
  7. My rockstar office. Seriously, it is 300 sq feet of exposed brick, wood floors, floor to ceiling windows and a stripper pole
  8. Getting invited to galas. Where I meet Ann Curry, presidents of African countries and Colin Powell.

My first real world, post law school job is over. I am really sad to leave, but Husband has school to go to and I’m (mostly) excited about MA.


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Posted by parsingtime on July 31, 2006

Two words: Cheese Panelas. Go. Eat. Them. Now.

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Best Wife Award?

Posted by parsingtime on July 31, 2006

I am the best wife in the world (for at least a week). I drove the Husband and six of his friends to Baby Dolls strip club Friday night. One of the six was having his bachelor party and I happened to be dropping off Husband at the appointed time in the bachelor evening requiring naked women.

It was on this drive to Shady lane (the actual lane that Baby Dolls is located, appropriately), that I realized I will be the type of parent to prefer my kids to call when they are drunk/in trouble etc rather than try to deal with it themselves.

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Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

Posted by parsingtime on July 25, 2006

So the husband and I along with two friends went to Toy’s Thai yesterday. It’s a little hole in the wall place with the kitchen in the middle of the restaurant.  Not much for decor or ambiance but really good Thai food.  I definitely recommend it. However, a word to the wise (though why the wise need a word to begin with is a mystery to me), when picking how hot you want your dish….one being the least spicy and five being the most spicy, pick one. I picked two. Big mistake.  I could barely eat my panang curry vegetables. It was definitely tasty, but even I, the girl who puts Tabasco and Chinese red pepper sauce on everything, could not handle Toy’s levels of spiciness.

Anyway, overall a nice evening. It was great to see M&E. They are a fun couple, who are fun to be around.

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I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined

Posted by parsingtime on July 22, 2006

And so it begins. A new blog for a new start. I’m not sure what this will end up being about, but I know it will probably involve vague references to Massachusetts (seriously, I can’t spell the name of the state I’m moving too), the Husband, owning your own business and how freaking cold I constantly am.

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